Looking to set your childcare business up for growth? Find out how you can digitise processes to reduce admin, ensure your staff get paid correctly, onboard new hires fast and create rostering efficiencies that will make revenue soar.

Taking Your Back Office Processes Digital

The Early Childhood Education and Care Sector’s Guide

"It was a huge cost to process payroll and was such a waste of someone’s expertise & experience. Since implementing Ento, we’ve more than doubled our workforce and added 5 new locations, but have managed to significantly reduce our payroll processing time."


Looking to set your childcare business up for growth?


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General Manager, Atlantis Childcare

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Balancing quality and revenue

Current childcare clients

What this guide contains

Benefits to going digital

Back office automation approaches and specific outcomes you can achieve.

Getting your team onboard

Taking your team on a change journey and what represents best practice in change management.

Tackling processes

Going paperless and what's involved including onboarding new systems and process adjustments you need to consider.

How to keep employees engaged

Going beyond simple job satisfaction, learn how to assess if an employee resonates with their job.

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Results we have achieved for Atlantis Childcare

80% reduction in payroll processing time

4.5% overall reduction in labour costs

90% reduction in manual processing errors